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Directing The Right Choice For All

Arrow Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company committed to providing high-quality medicines at affordable prices. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bhaktapur follows strict cGMP standards, ensuring the production of safe and effective medications.

With a dedicated team focused on ethical promotion and presentation, we aim to be the trusted choice for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Directing The Right Choice For All

Arrow lines up with its members of staff for continual improvement in terms of quality service provided to its customer in accordance with the management.

High Quality Products

Diverse Team Members

Industry Benchmarked Process

Sophisticated Equipment

Delivering The Best Products

We are delivering high quality products meeting the demand of patients and healthcare professionals at an affordable price.

Our Manufacturing Plant

The state-of-art manufacturing plant is equipped with highly sophisticated advanced technologies and machine as per the cGMP. The entire plant is facilitated with qualified and validated HVAC system. Having a separate material and personal airlock the production unit is equipped with a hi-tech HVAC system ensuring required room temperature, pressure, and humidity, to achieve an international standard of cleanliness.

The plant comprises 21 CFR compliance Environment Management System (EMS) which stores the operational data in the SCADA system which ensures data reliability and traceability.

Our Departments

Glory of Today’s Product is Yesterday’s “Research”

Highly experienced management team with more than a decades experience in the national pharmaceutical industry

Dr. Pankaj K. Tiwari

Managing Director

Mahesh Bhatta

Technical Director

Madan Kumar Thapa

Director: Sales & Operations

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